MyAdbox for Procurement Managers

You know full well that the best procurement decisions are not just based on price. When you’re assessing a technological investment for your organisation, you look deeper.

You look for the true benefits of technology – will it yield productivity benefits? Will it empower your team? Will it streamline workflows? Will it deliver a better outcome for the business? It’s on these key measures that MyAdbox excels.

But it’s more than that. We also impress on price. Now that’s a powerful combination.

A software suite that delivers.

MyAdbox Brand Management software continues to develop – we work for a range of household name organisations that demand the best and we continually strive for improvements and the inclusion of new ideas that present our clients with opportunities to market better, faster.

But software development is only half the equation. We also structure our licensing and costing to ensure simplicity and transparency. We are used to aligning our product with tender documents and RFPs and will ensure that your Procurement team is provided with relevant information and clear pricing matrices that allow you to make an informed comparison and the right decision for your organisation.

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Quality products and an unwavering commitment to data security.

Our Software Quality Assurance protocols for software development are rigorous and proven. We are able to demonstrate SQA processes and methods that result in the highest quality software development.

The MyAdbox system deals with client brand data with utmost respect. We store our system on Amazon S3 servers – the trusted solution for data protection, given the platform’s dedication to security and its scalable solutions.

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The bottom line is time and cost savings everywhere.

The power of the MyAdbox system becomes apparent very quickly once our clients come on board. They gain significant time benefits from using MyAssets to bring order to their digital assets and have them stored in one location. It’s been proven that nearly 20% of your marketing team’s time is wasted hunting down assets and sharing these with network users. That inefficiency evaporates overnight with MyAssets.

And with MyAdbuilder, your team has access to the world’s most powerful content creation platform. The savings you will generate just in terms of the costs you won’t incur from Ad Agency production are staggering. Then there’s the speed to market gains. Forget about getting ads into market ‘sometime next week’ – empower your network users with the ability to generate their own brand compliant content in minutes, wherever they are, and get that message out there in equally fast time.

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“We recommend MyAdbox to any business wanting to maximise
network engagement in a cost efficient way”