MyAdbox for Chief Marketing Officers

Marketing has never been harder, but it’s also never been more exciting. There are so many more channels out there. There are so many more ways to reach people. And there are so many more ways you need to develop a personalised strategy of communications.

The future is Brand Management software.

It’s what smart CMOs are using right now.

A sophisticated DAM is just the beginning.

The MyAdbox suite of Brand Management software is built around our powerful Digital Asset Management platform – MyAssets. It’s a single, fully integrated source of data that allows you and your marketing team to harness the power of your assets and focus on growing the brand.

With MyAdbox you keep pace with the daily growth of your brand. It enables you to store, locate, update and share your assets with whoever you want, wherever they may be. It provides you with the power to limit access, manage rights, control release dates and bring order to chaos ensuring brand consistency and brand impact.

Nearly a fifth of your marketing team’s time is lost to trying to find assets. Get that time back instantly with MyAssets – get them focused on the brand.

It’s easy to build content. Any CMO can do it.

We built MyAdbuilder so anyone can build whatever they want. Content that is. It’s quite simply the world’s most advanced content creation system. Concepts you’ve approved with your ad agency are loaded into MyAdbuilder as versatile templates that are editable by your team (even yourself if you wish) or by anyone in your sales network.

With MyAdbuilder, you can create anything from print and point of sale to television and social media. Think of the time your marketing team will save not having to go back and forth, back and forth with the ad agency making adjustments to ads they can do themselves in a matter of minutes.

You are well aware of the growing need for personalisation (not name insertion – we’re talking real personalisation) and as a smart CMO, you’ve been looking for an answer. Agencies will tell you they can do it effectively, but at what price and what pace?

The reality is that the only way to get personalised content into market at scale and with genuine speed is with an automated ad production system that can get more messages out there, faster. That’s MyAdbox.

Be the CMO that adds to the bottom line.

Usually it’s the sales team that can add to the bottom line quickly with big wins. Or it’s the CEO/CFO that can make a sweeping fiscal changes that impact on the financial position of an organisation. Now it’s your turn.

With MyAdbox automated ad production software, you will single-handedly save a small fortune in ad agency production costs. This is money that can go straight to your bottom line, or it can mitigate other costs – like media or team salaries (so you can get new talent on board and pay your current marketing stars the bonuses that prevent them from looking elsewhere).

And that’s not to mention the massive amounts of time your team will save instead of engaging in a production tug-of-war with the ad agency. Dollars saved. Productivity boosted. Win-Win.

Brand compliance issues a distant memory.

As a CMO committed to the strength of your brand, you recognise the need to keep all the players within the guidelines. But it’s not easy – particularly with a wide network of operators who aren’t nearly as committed as you and your team.

Ads slip through that aren’t compliant. EDMs happen that you and your team don’t see. Social media content appears that wasn’t authorised by Marketing. Even email signature variations become a runaway train.

With MyAdbox, brand compliance is 100% assured. You regain all the lost time in lengthy approvals and the protracted series of changes. You enable users to create virtually any kind of content knowing they don’t have to worry about your approval. You forget about policing brand compliance and focus on what you do best. Marketing the brand.

Rights Management and Product/Sale embargoes.

Making sure your network follows the marketing plan you and your team have spent many hours developing can be a nightmare. Some people just don’t get the power of a coordinated message hitting the market at once. MyAdbox is the answer.

Through the inbuilt smarts of the MyAssets and MyAdbuilder software, you are able to control access to not only individual assets (which protects you against Rights Management issues – so retrospective payment of talent fees become a thing of the past) but also to the creative templates that are loaded into the system.

These templates can be set up for permission access to your network in any way you like so you control who accesses what creative, where and when. You can also set timing up so that creative goes live at a certain point in time (like a major nationwide Sales event) and is retired on a certain day/time so that there is military-like precision to your sales and product release schedule.

The insights you’ve always wanted.

There is a tremendous amount of user information stored within MyAdbox. We track who is logging in.What assets they call up. What content they create. What media mix they select. And lots, lots more. All this information is unlocked for your eyes only (or anyone you wish to share it with).

You can see exactly how your network is marketing your products and services. You can see all use by your marketing team. And you can generate charts of any period in any format you wish, drilling down to the smallest sales region and individual stores to get insights you’ve never had before. And you can do all this in seconds

“We recommend MyAdbox to any business wanting to maximise
network engagement in a cost efficient way”