MyAdbox for CTOs

As the individual responsible for the current IT within the business and in charge of creating relevant policy and procedures, you have a vested interest in aligning technologies that deliver benefits to your team.

The MyAdbox suite of Brand Management Software empowers your marketing department with solutions that deliver significant productivity and security benefits that extend across your sales and marketing network.

Digital Asset Management software that delivers huge efficiencies to your teams.

We don’t need to tell you about the benefits of a sophisticated Digital Asset Management system. You are no doubt aware of the enormous time wasting (nearly 20% of a marketer’s day is spent asset hunting) that is associated with searching and handling digital assets in a poorly catalogued IT environment – not to mention the serious drain on your email servers in sharing those assets the old way.

MyAssets offers a level of sophistication that provides your marketing team with the power to store and search using metadata that sheds lights on important concepts like Rights Management and legal requirements.

It will handle a multitude of permissions criteria limiting asset access to whoever you wish across and beyond the network. And most importantly, with smart APIs MyAssets will seamlessly integrate with your existing systems to streamline data flow and make life easy.

digital assets management efficiencies CTO

Data security is paramount.

Asset archiving alone is a nightmare of juggling server space if you’re not using a solution like MyAssets – which stores all the data on secure Amazon S3 Servers (by country location if you wish).

As an organisation which operates in Europe, MyAdbox must adhere to the stringent GDPR regulations – providing a level of security that many Digital Asset Management solutions don’t have.

data security GDPR CTO

Permissions, granted.

The endless possibilities with permissions and approval workflows within the MyAdbox platform provides your organisation with the capacity to regulate the flow of data between head office marketing teams and users in the network.

Any number of users in your network can have access to the MyAdbox platform. With flexible permission controls, you can open up and limit access to campaigns and assets to different users as required.

It’s likely that your marketing department will require clarity around campaign timing across their network to ensure sales periods are adhered to, products/services are current and offers are watertight. User access to this content can be adjusted instantly by authorised administrators, providing genuine efficiency around campaign periods, no matter how big the network.

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Empowered by the data.

MyAdbox logs every action within the system – and we have ensured this information is able to be tapped into by senior level people in your organisation looking for detailed analytics around system use.

Cross referencing system activity with sales results provides your head office with real time data on your network’s performance, giving your senior management colleagues the agility to make measured adjustments to communication and sales strategies.

data analytics reporting CTO
“We recommend MyAdbox to any business wanting to maximise
network engagement in a cost efficient way”