MyAdbox for Brand Managers

You live the brand - every minute of the day, every day of the year. You’re always on the hunt for ways to promote it, build it, extend it.

You need powerful Brand Management software in your corner to give you the space to make clear decisions and relieve you of the compliance hassles and content production hurdles.

Brand consistency. Can it ever be 100%?

The answer is a resounding yes. With the MyAdbox platform as part of your Brand’s marketing solution, you become a Brand Manager with a lot less to worry about.

First of all, you have our sophisticated Digital Asset Management platform – MyAssets working overtime to orchestrate all your assets. This ‘single source of truth’ for your entire asset bank ensures you have every item at your disposal to leverage the brand in any direction you wish. MyAssets makes Asset Management easy – with metadata tagging on every item ensuring easy search and sorting functionality – so you can be sure that the images/logos/visuals you are accessing and making available to others are current and totally aligned with your brand position.

Secondly, you have the ultimate dynamic content creation tool – MyAdbuilder – working even harder to help you and your network create 100% brand compliant content for every possible media you can think of – from press and print to EDMs, TV, online video and all corners of the Social world.

100% brand consistency brand manager

The endless call for assets is over.

As Brand Manager, you know all too well what it’s like to be the one that is in control of the assets for the network. You can waste enormous amounts of time answering requests for assets and making sure the right asset at the right size is despatched to an authorised user. And how are they using it?

Rights management and correct application of assets to the right piece of communication can be a minefield. With MyAssets, all that changes. Users can request and download assets through the system fit for their purposes, saving you considerable amounts of time.  

endless calls for assets over brand manager

Easy workflows to make the day flow better.

The inbuilt workflow and approval processes in the MyAdbuilder content creation platform makes workflows so much simpler for all users across your network. Make every day flow better with approval processes that streamline operations and get content into market faster.

Within the platform, we can set approval processes up any way you want to ensure a smooth transfer of information between approver and user.It’s about making sure your network spends more time on promoting products and services in line with branding guidelines than slowed down in email correspondence securing approvals.

better workflow brand manager
“We recommend MyAdbox to any business wanting to maximise
network engagement in a cost efficient way”