Myadbox For Retail

The power of Brand Management software reaps huge rewards for the Retail sector. Brand consistency and correct use of product assets is paramount, as is timely approvals to streamline workflows across retail networks – and that’s right in the MyAdbox wheelhouse.

Bring order to your assets. Make them work harder.

At the heart of the MyAdbox system lies MyAssets – a powerful Digital Asset Management platform that organises all your product imagery with precision.

So whether you’re creating a retail catalogue or point-of-sale for an in-store campaign, you know that you can call in your assets quickly and adapt their application to match your needs across the different store locations and the spectrum of demographics across your retail network.

With sophisticated tagging (By producer/SKU/colour/size/ line and subline/category/description etc) and search functionality within a centralised, secure storage portal, assets can be retrieved in seconds, slashing huge amounts of wasted time normally associated with searching across different hard drives and offline storage devices.

MyAssets will also handle the digital rights management for imagery across your product range, ensuring that your vendor relationships are firm and brand compliance is rock solid.

Approval workflows that streamline your day.

Whether you’re building campaigns at your head office location with MyAdbuilder - the intuitive MyAdbox content creation software - or ticking off content being produced within the platform by users at one of your stores, the inbuilt workflow and approval smarts shave lots of wasted time for all users.

We can set these approval processes up any way you want to facilitate a smooth transfer of information between approver and user, making sure that your retail network spends more time with customers than they will in long chains of email correspondence just to secure an approval.

Brand compliance. Tick.

The MyAdbox platform ensures watertight brand consistency for retail networks large and small, ensuring all image assets and in-system content templates are totally on brand, no matter how many retail users you have.

Because templates within the system are coded to the exacting standards of your retail brand, the reliance on your Head Office team to be ‘approval slaves’ is eliminated.

This will free up huge amounts of time for them and reduce frustrations across your retail network. All retail nodes will create their marketing content quicker and get those messages into market faster.

User permissions keep everything under control.

In the fast-moving world of Retail, campaigns are forever evolving with offers and product line inclusions requiring fast insertion and switchout to keep the message fresh and floor traffic high.

MyAdbox offers Head Offices total flexibility around permission controls, opening up and limiting access to campaigns and assets to different parts of the retail network as required. As campaign launch and expiry dates are crucial to compete hard in a tough retail landscape, the platform ensures product embargos are adhered to and campaigns with time sensitive parameters are controlled to the absolute second.

“We recommend MyAdbox to any business wanting to maximise
network engagement in a cost efficient way”