It’s all about the LAM strategy. The capacity to create customisable messages for individual markets.That’s what makes great Franchise networks tick and it’s where MyAdbox excels.Apply our class leading platform to your Franchise operation to gain LAM efficiencies in time and cost, share assets, collaborate on marketing plans and get true brand consistency.

Super flexible LAM templates that get you to market fast.

The MyAdbuilder content creation platform is simple to use to develop content that speaks to different customers in different areas.

But it’s far from simple – it is one of the most powerful content creation tools in the world, capable of unleashing a spectrum of messages into multiple markets in a fraction of the time and costs it would normally take with an internal design team or external agency.

MyAdbox will create customisable templates accessible by each franchisee in your network that enable them to execute their marketing plan with ease.

Coordinate the marketing plan for the whole network.

Franchise Head Offices can now synchronise marketing plans with their entire network to capitalise on messaging and ensure efficient use of resources.

MyPlanner – our unique Marketing Planning software – facilitates smooth communication between every Franchisee and Head Office to ensure marketing plans are aligned and look for the best ways to leverage messages for maximum effect.

It provides clarity around nationwide marketing programs, giving Head Offices the capacity to work strategically with individual operators to drive cost and time efficiencies.

A true measure of performance.

The system analytics inbuilt into the MyAdbox platform provides Head Offices with deep insights into how each Franchise operator is going to market.

You will see who is creating what material, what that message is, using what assets, where and when this message is being delivered and how often.

It’s the ultimate business diagnostic tool which, when cross referenced with real time sales results, gives you a clear picture of Franchise performance.

Asset Management. A nightmare solved.

It’s one of the first casualties of Franchising – Asset Management. Thankfully, the MyAdbox system is built around one of the most powerful pieces of Digital Asset Management software in business today – MyAssets.

Sitting at the heart of the MyAdbox system, MyAssets makes life easy for Franchise owners, no matter how geographically challenged they may be.

MyAssets brings order to asset chaos, aligning rights management issues, retiring date sensitive assets and enabling new assets for access by all users at will. Time lost searching for assets (nearly a fifth of the working week by numerous independent studies) is a thing of the past, eliminating frustration and boosting productivity.

Getting the branding spot on is half the battle.

Without the power of centrally coordinated Brand Management software like MyAdbox, your branding principles will deteriorate over time. You may have experienced this already. Sadly, this is a consequence of the varying levels of commitment to your brand guidelines across your Franchise network and the pressing needs Franchisees face with their Local Area Marketing.

With MyAdbox in your corner, you champion the brand and provide your entire Franchise network with communications material and assets that are fully compliant. We like to call it ‘Freedom within the Framework’ – the ability for network users to create material that is relevant to their local area, whilst adhering to the guiding principles of the brand.

“We recommend MyAdbox to any business wanting to maximise
network engagement in a cost efficient way”