MyAdbox for Banking and Finance

In the Banking and Finance sector, customer experience has already overtaken price and product as the key brand differentiator. While having the best finance or banking offer or product is still part of the equation, of greater importance is connecting with customers on a personal level.

The challenges for Banking and Finance marketers is simple. How do you deliver personalisation at scale?

the future is Getting personal.

For Banking and Finance marketing teams, the MyAdbuilder content creation platform is the engine that unlocks the true potential of personalisation. It allows creation of tailored content across a spectrum of media that reaches audiences quickly and simply.

The capacity for the MyAdbox system to generate personalised messages at scale provides the wide marketing networks of the Banking and Finance sector with access to content rich templates that are endlessly variable and enable fast content creation in all kinds of media from Press and Print to EDMs, Video through to all corners of the Social Media world.

End to end planning – everyone on the same page.

In a fast-moving marketing landscape, the challenges around having your entire network on the same page are significant. The good news for the Banking and Finance sector is that teams can now synchronise their marketing plans across their diverse networks to capitalise on the marketing thrust and drive efficiencies around the correct application of resources.

With MyPlanner teams enjoy smooth communication ensuring the strategic marketing plans of Head Offices and the network are aligned.

Synchronising the multi-layered marketing message is essential for leverage messages and optimising impact. It avoids unnecessary duplication and provides clarity around nationwide marketing programs, encouraging entire operations to work strategically to drive cost and time efficiencies.

Harnessing assets. The critical way forward.

Smart Banking and Finance Marketing professionals fully recognise that to bring velocity to creative workflows requires a finely tuned Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that stores, organises and provides management rigour around content and content development.

MyAssets – the powerful DAM that sits at the heart of the MyAdbox system ensures:

•  Complete asset version control to expedite creative production and ensure accuracy and legality of resources on hand.
•  Streamlined distribution – giving your entire network the assets and information they need, faster.
•  Powerful search functionality - adding metadata to assist with search and sorting
•  Asset management controls – including rights management and permissions
•  Expiration control and the capacity to archive

MyAssets puts the power of sophisticated Asset Management in the hands of Banking and Finance marketing professionals – it is the ‘single source of truth’ for media management and future proofing marketing needs.

Approval workflows that save time and empower the team.

The inbuilt workflow and approval smarts of the MyAdbuilder content creation platform significantly reduce wasted time for all users across your network.

The Banking and Finance sector is already heavily regulated, so having approval processes that can streamline workflows and get content into market faster is a breath of fresh air.

At MyAdbox, we can set approval processes up any way you want to facilitate a smooth transfer of information between approver and user, making sure that your network spends more time marketing financial products than bogged down in email correspondence securing approvals.

Compliance requirements. Simplified.

The marketing departments of Banking and Financial organisations need to comply with some of the most stringent industry policies that exist in business.

It’s not just a challenge for creating content that is 100% on brand, but also to he challenge of getting messages into market fast.

The array of legal and brand restrictions and requirements in the development of content for the network makes reliance on a single asset management and content creation platform a relatively straightforward solution. It doesn’t just streamline workflow, it mitigates risk.

“We recommend MyAdbox to any business wanting to maximise
network engagement in a cost efficient way”