Myadbox For THe Automotive INDUSTRY

The MyAdbox platform was originally designed for application within the auto industry, so the heritage is strong in this sector. Used by many of the biggest names in Automotive today, the system continues to evolve to suit the unique brand, retail and after-sales requirements of the industry.

The complete communication solution

MyAdbox provides Automotive marketing teams and Dealer networks with a comprehensive end-to-end content creation solution, from initial media planning right through to dispatch of final art.

The powerful MyAssets DAM harnesses vehicle images, lifestyle assets, logos and more, passing them deftly to MyAdbuilder – the ultimate automotive content creation platform.

Head office marketing teams and dealers are using a more complex media matrix than ever before, requiring a myriad of content for these diverse channels. The platform meets these needs by being able to create content for any media, from press, point of sale material, electronic point of sale, Television and video, digital advertising, Social media including the full suite of Facebook and Instagram content, EDM and more.

Because of the smarts in the system, all this content can be created in minutes at zero or negligible cost to the end user.

On-brand and on-point.

MyAdbox is a single source of truth when it comes to brand compliance. The platform brings rigour and purpose to brand consistency for Automotive organisations, ensuring assets and in-system content templates are 100% brand compliant, 100% of the time.

Head office and dealer network users enjoy ‘freedom within the framework’ to craft Brand, Retail, Finance, Service, and Aftersales content that not only meets their specific b2c and b2b communication requirements, but meets the precise CI standards of their marque, eliminating the need for lengthy approvals and getting messages into market faster.

The system also effortlessly handles exacting disclaimer inclusions that are a central part of the legal requirements of the Automotive industry. Disclaimers can be automatically linked to assets and offers pulled into templates, streamlining the approval process.

Limitless permissions for networks big and small.

There is no limit to the number of users in an Automotive network that can have access to the MyAdbox platform. Flexible permission controls are a feature of the platform, opening up and limiting access to campaigns, assets and reporting metrics  to different users as required.

The Automotive industry requires clarity around campaign timing across their network to ensure sales periods are adhered to, vehicles are current and offers are watertight. User access to this content can be adjusted instantly by authorised administrators, providing an unparalleled level of efficiency around campaign periods, no matter how big the network.

Know more than ever before.

Detailed analytics around system use (what content is being created, with what assets, by which dealers and head office users, and where this content is being dispatched) provides deep insights into network activity.

Cross referencing system activity with sales results provides Automotive head offices with a true picture of network performance, giving them a level of agility to make measured adjustments to communication and sales strategies that they’ve never previously enjoyed.

Controlling the
Co-operative spend

Our deep understanding of the Automotive industry led to the development of our unique Co-operative Fund Management tool – MyFunds. It’s the perfect way for Automotive head offices to control the flow of Co-op funds to dealer networks rolling out their communication strategies in their own PMAs. In one central portal, MyFunds provides rigour around fund types, fund hurdles, funds spent and funds remaining.

Perfect for Dealer of the Year awards programs.

Brand compliance in network communications now forms a huge part of Dealership assessment.

MyAwards enables Head Office teams to set and track Dealer KPIs throughout the year, keeping everyone informed on performance and progress towards Dealer of the Year programs.

Unrivalled Head office and Dealer support.

The in-house MyAdbox Automotive support team is expert in their comprehension of the industry, and the individual branding needs of the many Automotives we work closely with.

Available on phone or online, our support team goes above and beyond to ensure that the specific requirements of dealer networks are catered for.

“We recommend MyAdbox to any business wanting to maximise
network engagement in a cost efficient way”