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ONBOARDING and network engagement.

The Onboarding process at MyAdbox is critical in ensuring you migrate onto the system with minimal fuss. It’s also vital in aligning your network users with the virtues of the MyAdbox software suite and getting users engaged in all facets and features of the system – no matter which combination of MyAdbox products they choose to adopt.

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Account Management.

Your Account Management team is with you from the early stages of onboarding to smooth the path for your organisation onto the platform.

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Our Support service works in the same operational area as our Software Development, Account Management and Studio teams for optimum communication and speedy resolution of any issues that may arise.

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The MyAdbox platform is multidimensional with diverse functionality to meet almost every need of our clients. From time to time, we have clients approach us for a specific piece of development to suit their in-house systems or operational needs. Our Software Development team are well versed in a range of commercial technical areas and have the ability to develop bespoke software that extends the capability of the MyAdbox system for our clients.

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