The Onboarding process at MyAdbox is critical in ensuring you migrate onto the system with minimal fuss. It’s also vital in aligning your network users with the virtues of the MyAdbox software suite and getting users engaged in all facets and features of the system – no matter which combination of MyAdbox products they choose to adopt.

At MyAdbox, we have seamlessly onboarded clients – of varying sizes from varying industries - onto the platform in very short timelines, both locally and internationally. Our proven six stage onboarding and engagement process is the key:

Stage 1 - CONTENT.

Getting the mix of content right from the beginning sounds like a simple task, but there is a science to how we do it:

  • Good content comes from having the right static and dynamic assets in the system from the outset.
  • The Content Stage begins with a marketing audit to overview typical campaigns and items being created, developing an understanding of the communications mix and carefully examining your digital assets.
  • Our team pinpoints the gaps in your content structure together with the level of customisation required to suit the end user.
  • We fine tune a plan with your team for launch assets and confirm how content will perform on the system.

Stage 2 - Scoping roles, permissions and workflows.

This critical stage sets the system up so that it binds strongly with your head office and network needs.

  • We develop a matrix of locations, user roles and permissions, together with confirming approval workflows for different content rollouts including the all important reporting requirements.

Stage 3 - TECH SETUP.

The technical requirements for onboarding clients varies greatly, depending on the way they intend to use the system and the idiosyncrasies of their network.

  • Our Dev team has indepth experience and the capacity to handle any kind of system complexity.
  • We set up all your user and location details, with permissions and login requirements covering off SSO needs.
  • Loading initial content, scripting and testing is handled by a combination of the Software Development and Studio teams as we take you into a successful test environment before going live.


As we move toward launch, we develop a comprehensive training plan and pilot program for the network and integrate with your head office team to streamline the messaging and approach as we lead into launch.


The better connected we are, the better we can work together to achieve your branding and content management goals.

  • We get to know your brand guidelines intimately, understanding the people in your team and supporting them in ways that help them support the network.
  • We work closely with your agency partners to streamline workflows and delivery of content.
  • You gain a better understanding of the teams we run, the intricacies of the MyAdbox system and the myriad of ways in which we can contribute to your success.


The process of ensuring your network engages with the MyAdbox system is a science in itself.

  • Getting engagement levels right relies on targeted communication pieces, strong training principles and aligning the platform with needs of system users to optimise the subtle blend of customisation they require.
  • We structure initial and ongoing training requirements and track how users work with the system over time.
  • We draw on considerable experience and historical data to tailor a Network Engagement plan that works to get the best out of the MyAdbox system for your entire team.
  • Feedback informs new features and is a key driver in shaping the development road map for the MyAdbox product.