From campaign bill shock to an aha moment -
a marketer’s dream.

By Rene Slota, MyAdbox Chief Marketing Officer

MyAdbox was on my radar well before I saw their job ad for a CMO.

At the time, I was working in a bank as Head of Marketing. My priority was customer acquisition and CRM – tasks that had me working with the agency partners to execute content into market. This is when I was experienced the monthly ‘bill shock’ – when the ad agency production invoice landed in my inbox. Normally with a thud. 

One of my strategies was developing multiple versions of creative to A/B test – pretty much what every marketing professional does to fine tune the message. But with every version I was asking for, I was effectively creating a new line item on the agency bill. I remember seeing that a digital banner execution variant, with a different headline that was $5k. Five grand! For a straightforward alt to a digital banner. How on earth was I going to sensibly conduct A/B testing with this kind of fee pressure? And even worse: how was I going to do multi-variant testing by audience segmentation? Impossible. But my hands were tied. I had to use the agency resource because they were the custodians of the Brand and the campaign. Basically, they had priced me out of my plans to executing a diverse, programmatic media schedule.

We live to celebrate the ”wow” moments.  

Then I found MyAdbox and that’s when I had my Aha’ moment. My team and I were able to use the platform and templates to create as many variants as we wanted for next to nothing, knowing that whatever we created would adhere to the stringent brand guidelines we had. All of this was possible without going back through the agency machine. This was a marketer’s dream. A platform that drives efficiency while building brand strength. It was like magic. Of course, these are just some of the reasons why we liked using the platform. Learn more about it here

Then a few years later, a job offer landed. Two in fact.

A couple of years down the track, I had two job offers to weigh up. One was to become the new CMO of MyAdbox -  the other was the same role in a very similar SAAS field. What swung me towards MyAdbox? Looking back now, it was the fact that it was a successful 10-year old business and I had the opportunity to be the first professional marketer employed in the business. It was also the opportunity to immerse myself in an untainted marketing environment and help turn a homegrown, unsung hero into a worldwide force. Finally, it was the allure of exciting new product being developed that would provide a marketer like me with unparalleled opportunities.   

But there are some things you learn about the company you join that you can only learn after you’ve joined. At MyAdbox, I’ve experienced a unique culture. It’s a very flat structure with an open and direct communication approach – in many respects, similar to many software companies that deliberately drive out bureaucratic thinking and give people the space to run with an idea, to test and learn. I was lucky enough to start before the pandemic hit and that gave me the opportunity to observe the way this team works. What I’ve seen is a laser focus on customer needs and outcomes – a team that shares a higher purpose of making high quality outcomes possible for all marketers and business owners. 

What drives this culture? What keeps it intact despite the fabric of team unity being severely tested every day by the challenges of remote work? Without question, it’s the pillars of this culture that power MyAdbox:

We’re enablers
We’re lucky to work with a software platform that empowers marketers to achieve quality outcomes. Our team knows this and gets a kick out of helping their customers deliver results. It’s addictive. In the same way we look to enable our customers, we also strive to enable each other.

We’re never mundane
The team isn’t just diverse in talent, it’s diverse in background, hailing from countries all over the globe. Our get togethers – which have admittedly have been limited this last year – are not ‘normal’ occasions because the cultural exchange of ideas, humour and warmth is genuine, “corporate blue” and “corporate Memphis” have no place here. The team wouldn’t have it any other way. We love being different. We take mundane and blow it up.

We’re living in divine discontent which is a fancy way of saying the job is never done.
“How can this be better?” – “Does anyone mind if we try a new idea?” this kind of thinking reflects a deep care for the outcome.

We’re here for impact
In my job interview, the CEO looked at me and said “We’re not here to $#@%* Spiders”. It’s stuck with me since because it says a lot about how MyAdbox rejects the monotonous humdrum and looks to add real value. If it doesn’t add value, stop what you’re doing immediately and move on to something that does. We live to celebrate the ”wow” moments.  

This was a marketer’s dream.
A platform that drives efficiency while building brand strength.

This fascinating SAAS company has opened my eyes to possibilities and where they can lead. Speaking of which - we’ve got some exciting developments about to land that may just shake everything up in the marketing world. And you know what? I can’t wait to drive that message into the market. Meanwhile, check out our thoughts on marketing, martech and emerging trends in our blog.

Learn more about the MyAdbox brand and content platform.

Image Credit James Pond