Author: Peter James

Published: March 14, 2020

When people hear the term Brand Compliance, the crestfallen look that comes across their face is as if you’ve just uttered the words ‘Brand Prison’.

It’s a tricky concept to get marketing and advertising teams excited about, because Brand Compliance bibles only ever seem to deal with what you’re not allowed to do with the brand - not so much what you can do. The other shortcoming of these documents (often gathering dust as pdfs in a distant corner of a server) is that there’s almost never anyone with 100% visibility across all things being created who can advise whether or not content is ‘on brand.’ It’s no-one’s fault really. To see everything being made across a marketing network, you’d need eyes in the back of your head.

But there’s absolutely no reason it needs to be this way - and this is where a powerful Brand Automation platform like MyAdbox comes in. MyAdbox is an Australian SaaS company that has developed its own unique Brand Automation platform and ancillary software/client services that are being used by big brands on four continents around the globe to control their brand and drive down marketing production costs in their networks. One of the principal selling points of the MyAdbox system is that it takes care of brand consistency completely - the smarts in the automated system ensuring that all work produced within the system is brand compliant at all times. While it takes out the need for someone to be policing all the work (a massive time saving bonus in itself) the true upside is that the MyAdbox platform provides tremendous scope within the brand boundaries - allowing users to create diverse content within the system, exploring what they can do without having to worry about overstepping the mark or overlooking key branding principles. “When we demonstrate the system to new clients, you can really see the penny drop all around the room as CMOs and marketing teams realise what they’re looking at - true brand control and true versatility within brand guidelines,” says Andrew Baker, CEO of MyAdbox. “It’s like we’re showing them a magic trick.” 


And just when these new clients are wrapping their head around how MyAdbox handles brand consistency with ease using MyAdbuilder - MyAdbox’s powerful content creation engine - in tandem with MyAssets - the platform’s intuitive Digital Asset Management software, Baker then segues into MyReports. “That’s where things get even more interesting,” Baker says. “When they realise that MyReports gives them full visibility of every action by every user in the system, including all the content being made on the system, you can see more pennies dropping around the room as they realise that Brand Control is much, much more than just brand compliance.” 


Put very simply, MyReports puts eyes in the back of all the heads in marketing teams, allowing them to see deep within their network and have complete visibility of what is being created, when and by whom. “It’s not about being ‘Big Brother’ - it’s about having a clearer understanding of the kinds of content being created - the mix of assets being drawn on and how engaged users are across the marketing network,” says Andrew Dawson, Head of Client Services at MyAdbox. “We invest a lot of time in working with our client networks to ensure high user engagement with the system because the more people that use the platform, the more we can work out where the usage trends are and cater for their needs. MyReports is the perfect way to track all this.”


On a more macro level, MyReports is the ultimate CEO/CFO tool. “It gives them the capacity to compare and contrast the levels of advertising and the product mix right across their network,” Baker says. “Slide this under sales results, and you’ve got the ultimate performance analysis diagnostic, giving you full comprehension of actual network performance, media mix, purchase behaviour and product relevance. MyReports gives marketing teams a genuine edge for recalibrating their efforts and ensuring the network is firing on all cylinders.”

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