Head Office marketing teams:

1. The DAM saves your marketing team up 20% of its working week.

The software manages all assets, with watertight sharing protocols and full visibility around user activity. No longer will your marketing team need to hunt for assets required by users in the sales network.

2. The Automated Ad making platform makes your marketing team up to 30-35% more productive.

The platform produces 100% brand compliant content across all media.
Your marketing team won’t need to police the network to ensure brand compliance or lose time in protracted approvals processes.

Franchisees and Dealer end users:

1. The Automated Ad Making platform eliminates production costs.

The following tables illustrate the standard annual savings (in USD) achieved for end users in networks of varying sizes.

2. The Automated Ad Making platform increases speed to market.

The following table illustrates the time savings achieved by end users in content production, eliminating production frustrations and allowing them to get their message into market faster.

Almost a day a week of your marketing team’s time is wasted hunting for assets. Give your team back time with a Digital Asset Management system. Manage, search, share. Learn More