Author: Peter James

Published: April 14 2019


For a lot of CMOs and marketing teams out there, right now is the time to stick to tried and tested processes. To batten down the hatches and scratch out a survival plan. To protect.

If that’s you, then the rest of 2020 is not going to be a fun year.

Simon Sinek put it beautifully recently ‘we’re in a new world where protecting your position is no longer good enough. You’ll do fine if you’re willing to blow up your business. If you protect it, it’ll get blown up for you.’

He’s talking about change and the willingness to embrace it. In marketing, change was happening fast before this global pandemic hit. Now things are moving even faster and if you’re not open minded to it, you’re out the window with your old school marketing ways. In Sinek’s words ‘It won’t be the way it was. We can’t defend the way it was.’ He challenges us to consider what the industry would look like if we invented it right now. Knowing nothing, how would we do it differently?

One thing’s for sure, in Marketing and Advertising, there are some antiquated processes that represent monster-sized black holes for time and money. These processes are already being replaced by smart technology that is rapidly transforming the industry. Now we’ve entered uncertain times, it’s this very technology that will be the making of forward-thinking companies. Scott Farquhar – Co CEO of Atlassian – puts it succinctly: ‘Companies that have digitally transformed their operations are likely to emerge from the crisis in better shape than those that have not.’ - The Sydney Morning Herald, April 2, 2020.

The game changing digital transformation for CMOs and Marketing teams is called Brand Management Software. This software has unleashed the power of Advertising Production Automation for companies big and small and revolutionised how they are going to market. It’s saving huge amounts of money that would otherwise disappear into the black hole that is Ad Agency production. It’s also freeing up resources, empowering marketing teams, and most importantly getting more messages into market faster so that companies can compete harder.

Time is of the essence. The challenges facing us all change by the minute. Right now, in the eye of this storm, you need to rethink your processes and be prepared to do things differently - to spend every dollar as if it’s your last. But you need to do it fast. This is how successful companies thrive in hard times.

The obvious way to save money is to cut staff. It’s relatively quick, but painful and will hurt you in the long run. The alternative is to embrace technology and save a fortune immediately with Automated Ad Production. The brilliant thing is that you’ll still be able to keep your media spend intact. In fact, you’ll generate more messages to feed the content beast and reach more eyeballs (particularly in Social Media at a time when the demand for social media content is surging with so many people working from home).

Remember that most of your customers are facing the same difficult period you are. They’re looking for your positivity and market presence. The more visible and strong you are, the more confidence they have in you and your product. They will continue to spend money – they’ll just do it more carefully with companies and products they trust.

You earn that trust by getting more messages into market now.

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