Our Standout Mid-Year
Sale campaigns.

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Just as nature hates a vacuum, so too does the Retail Calendar – with any gaps swallowed up quickly by eager retail marketers looking to generate sales momentum through the year. While there are common sales events such as BlackFriday and Boxing Day that drive huge retail high tides across the globe, there are seasonal variations from the Northern to Southern hemisphere which impact the style and specific timing of Mid-Year sales campaigns.

While wintertime End of Financial Year campaigns Australia and New Zealand focus on a one month (sometimes longer) buildup to a June 30 deadline, Summer Sales events in Europe and the UK span May to mid-June and the annual Independence Day sale lasts just a couple of days after the national holiday in the US.

As with any fiercely contested retail period, there is great variety in the quality of the ad campaigns. Let’s take a look at some notable Mid-Year sale campaigns of recent times.

Harvey Nichols steals the limelight.

OK… an oldie – it was a UK Summer Sale campaign launched a few years back – but a goodie. Lovely to see a lateral concept that deliberately steers clear of the ‘summery’ language. The cute bank robber headgear beautifully anchor the visuals in this campaign, giving it a real sense of fun. And the Daylight Robbery message is right on target. No need to say ‘Save’ when the concept is this strong.

Supply House Independence Day Sale satisfies hungry buyers.

In a sea of bland 4th of July Sale ads (cue the fireworks, the Uncle Sam hats and copious helpings of Stars and Stripes regalia) Supply House does it differently with a sale linked to none other than the annual July 4th National Hot Dog Eating contest. Customers get 1% off for every 10 hot dogs eaten by the winner, giving this sale a quirky edge that actually helps it stand out. We’ll forgive them for not being able to resist the fireworks graphics and planting a Stars and Stripes flag in the bun.

Foxtel turns ugly Acronym into fun sale message

Another campaign that’s a little long in the tooth, but is so good that it’s been resurrected over the years. What’s remarkable about it is that it’s so catchy given they only had the ugly ‘EOFY’ acronym to work with. The clever insertion of an ‘s’ on the end and building an event out of thin air around “Happy EOFYs” (pronounced ‘E-O-FISS’) seems so simple, but it worked – Australians sang along to the crazy jingle and signed up for the 50% off Foxtel deals in droves.  


BCF goes cheeky at tax time.

If you’re not familiar with Australia’s ‘Boating, Camping, Fishing’ franchise, they are self deprecating to say the least - and their catchy ‘BCF’ing Fun’ jingle captures that attitude. So you’d expect nothing less when they launched their EOFY ad pushing a business ‘tax time’ message which was largely incongruous with their Camping products.

The hilarious concept works brilliantly to profile their ‘Working from home’ range with their ‘Wanderer foldable Business Chair’, ‘Wanderer Folding Boardroom table’, ‘Shimano Business Wand’, ‘Wanderer Conference Room (with room for up to four executives), and ‘Pryml Executive Yacht’. The line ‘if you’re still working from home, these offers are tax deductible maybe,’ accompanied by the disclaimer ‘Probably not true’ is inspired.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_p_kInb1m8U

With so many retailers jostling for position to grab the buyers attention, it’s remarkable that so many of them produce mind-numbing ‘Sale’ ads that do little to spark the imagination of the consumer. It’s great to see that great creativity can lift sales campaigns and provide separation in a sea of vanilla.


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