“You have to blow up your business before someone else does“ - Jobs, Sorrell, Sinek.

At MyAdbox, the fuse is lit.

By Paul Volpato,

MyAdbox Chief Technology Officer

Key points:

• MyAdbox is nearing the end of a product overhaul that will change the Brand Management landscape.

• Brand can be expressed mathematically as a formula that delivers practical outcomes.

• Putting Brand at the center of the platform has opened up exciting new functionality.

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As Martin Sorrell, Simon Sinek and Steve Jobs have said many times before – you have to blow up your business before someone else does it for you. What they’re talking about is having the courage to rethink, rework, reinvent yourself. And that’s the path we’ve just taken while COVID has been in play. The fuse is now lit and  massive change is happening at MyAdbox -  a product of fresh thinking from our leadership team that is setting a new North Star for the business.

I’m not making light of the changes we’re about to sweep in. A lot of energy and thought went into the original MyAdbox Brand Management platform and it is still one of the best out there for Brands to control assets and build brand compliant content. It’s not without a sense of sadness that we’ll leave it all behind. But what we’ve got coming, what will rise out of the ashes, will revolutionize the way companies manage their brands into the future.

Rework or re-imagine?

Our software rebuild journey set off in a fairly traditional direction – as an iteration of the existing Brand Management Platform, with a new look, new UX and new features/functionality. But we soon realized that we needed a completely different philosophical approach to where future product needed to be.

The current product has tight market fit – and our early iterative concepts would ensure it was aligned with customer needs for the foreseeable future. But it wasn’t enough. We stood at a crossroads where we had the chance to re-imagine the whole process, not be bound by the current workflows. We had the opportunity to set our sights higher.

The problem with Software engineering.

Unfortunately, there is a myopic attitude to the way software evolves in different industries. You find development teams happy to keep pouring software around an existing problem without stopping to reflect on the problem itself. They’re basically resolved to doing what they did before, for example - replacing people with computers - which is ultimately a clumsy way to do things. It’s all too obvious, and the sad thing is that most software projects still screw that phase up.

An exciting new path toward a future Brand state.

Our team had to step away from everything we knew to ask a series of searching questions – like ‘What if we could rework our software to support the whole of brand requirements… what would that look like?’ and: ‘What is brand beyond logos, ads and content?’ The answers we came up with drove us deeper into the philosophy of Brand and got us further down the track. It made us challenge what we were doing and imagine what the future of Brand could be.

Re thinking what Brand stands for.

It was at this point that the team came to the realization that Brand is something truly special - that it is a ‘Quality’ that is consistent across a range of different elements. And while our existing platform certainly champions the brand, it’s more of a side-effect, just as it is with every other Brand Management platform out there. Yes, the brand is contained within the templates - locked up to protect and empower. But that’s when we asked the question: What happens if you build the software around the idea of Quality being in the spotlight, where Brand is the first-class citizen, not the side-effect?

The unique composition that prescribes every brand.

Most branding processes end up in the formation of a Brand Guideline. But if you consider this more closely and start to think about how such Brand Guidelines can be dissected in a logical manner, it leads you down an interesting line of thinking. Is it possible to describe a brand as a formula? Is there a mathematical equation that can capture the essence of Nike brand DNA?  Are you able to produce a composition that is quintessentially a Nike ad each and every time? And can that same mathematical equation be tweaked to capture the essence of Apple such that it consistently and accurately produces Apple brand outcomes?”

The answer is Yes. The relationship between all the different elements in the brand formula -typography, spacing, logo, colour etc - they form a unique composition that equals a Brand. When you can quantify the formula, you can express the brand in different ways. And this brings us to templating - and in many respects this is where the current MyAdbox system shines through. But where we’re taking it is next level.

A new platform for every brand, every marketer, every piece of content.

From here, the new product is able to flex its muscles – by rearranging the problem within the context of a mathematical viewpoint, it’s unlocked some exciting new advances.For instance, we’ve re-engineered templating technology to make life so much easier for users. Instead of having to execute different templates for different outcomes, our One-to-Many vision is now a reality. Because brand is at the heart of the new software, it means that users make one piece of content in the system - and the platform then generates content across the spectrum of outcomes selected by the user. One creation. Many Outcomes. The time this will save is enormous - revolutionizing efficiency metrics for Marketing and In-house Production teams. That it happens instantly, right in front of your eyes, is astounding when you consider how every other Brand ManagementPlatform out there does it.

This is the tip of the iceberg – the new template technology incorporates a responsive feature set that provides for instant updates to the creation of content, live changes to animated HTML files, Video, print – anything and everything that requires output - and so much more.

Why have we done this? Because we believe in brand and how brand comes to life. As Sinek pointed out in his infamous 2009 TED talk “The goal is not to do business with everybody that needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”

If you want to jump the queue and get an early look at the exciting new Platform, get in touch to arrange a demonstration.

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