Marketers, we know things are tough out there. Your budgets have been slashed. You’ve probably lost some team members. Consumer confidence is down. Economic gloom and doom permeates every story in the media. But in the back of your mind, you also know that a more difficult market forces your competitors to recede into the shadows, opening opportunities for you to grow market share. Now is the time to be strong and to keep marketing hard to position yourself for a positive exit from all this. But how do you maintain the output with less resources? With a rethink – you will not only maintain your marketing momentum, you’ll achieve more output and you’ll cut costs.

It starts with a review of how you’re doing things right now. Are your processes in place to get the most out of your team? What marketing tech is out there that can simplify/ streamline/empower? What strategies can get you into market faster with more messages?

Get Personal and go big.

Personalization has been a hot marketing topic for several years. Studies have shown that nearly 9 out of every 10 customers’ buying behavior is influenced by some form of personalization and around 25% of customers are directly influenced in terms of how they buy. Developing and delivering personalized content should absolutely form part of your marketing strategy. It builds loyalty and improves your conversion rates.

Having said that, personalization – true personalization - is not easy. Nearly two thirds of digital marketing professionals comment that personalization is the single most difficult marketing strategy to execute. That’s saying something given the complexities of SEO, content marketing and email marketing strategies.

To yesterday’s marketers, the idea of customizing the communication piece for the end user amounts to putting the customer’s first name at the top of their message and that’s pretty much that. But the path to personalization needs to be much more strategic. If you know your customers, you can tailor your content with imagery they will respond to, headlines that draw them in and copy that elicits action. This strategy is one-to-one marketing, a concept that has been around forever - think of the old general store and the owner that speaks directly with their loyal customers developing a strong relationship with them by understanding their needs and how they behave. Where it’s different now is that this kind of personalization can be achieved at scale. With knowledge around who your customers are and what they respond to, you can tailor the messages you put into market subtly to ‘reinvest marketing with the personal touch absent from many modern business interactions.’

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This is a sound strategy, but it isn’t so easy to execute. Feeding that personalized content beast can be a nightmare. How do you physically produce numerous combinations of ads with different imagery, headlines, copy and calls to action through your ad agency with limited resources? This might be achieving more output, but certainly not for less.

The logical answer here is Brand Management software – and in particular, Dynamic Content Creation platforms. Put simply, these platforms are effectively ‘personalization engines’ –that take your current creative content and with smart templating, enable the development of multiple variations of content for multiple audiences. It’s like getting your ad agency to make hundreds of variations of their creative so you can direct targeted messages to different customers – except it’s all done in system and for a fraction of the time and costs of the agency involvement.

Good Dynamic Content Creation platforms (also known as Automated Ad Production systems) are simple and intuitive for your Head Office team to use to create material for all kinds of media requirements – from TV, Video, Press and Point of Sale to Digital and Social. And because of the smarts in the system, all the templates are 100% aligned with your Brand, so any content created is already brand compliant, saving huge amounts of approval time. Users can switch in and out different imagery, different copy, different products, different headlines and different offers at whim to craft personalized messages en masse.

Your team will be able to make all this content in a matter of minutes, enabling you to get to market fast. And you’ll be able to do this with reduced resources.

Learn more about how Dynamic Content Creation platforms work here.

Doing more for less is absolutely possible – but it does require a rethink. If you’re open to reworking your systems and procedures, the gains you will make will completely change your view on automation and introducing technology to deal with the time-consuming grind of ad production.

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