Author: Ben Day

Published: Dec 15 2019

As Brand Automation continues to gain traction as a shiny new tool for marketers, it poses the question (on most ad agency’s minds at least): Is the concept of automation the thin edge of the wedge for creative thinking?

The answer is simple. It depends on what Brand Automation platform you’re using.  Most Brand Automation platforms turn content into cookie-cutter templates that inspire no-one - least of all the end user. But not MyAdbox - the world’s best Brand Automation platform - a system that celebrates creative thinking and has the in-built smarts to get great ideas working harder. MyAdbox is an Australian SaaS company that has developed its own unique Brand Automation platform and ancillary software/client services that are being used by big brands on four continents around the globe to drive down marketing production costs in their networks and generate tangible brand benefits.

MyAdbox started over a decade ago, driven by the concept of being a system that could turn out quality ads. “From the very beginning it was imperative that the system was able to create great looking work and encourage creativity,” says Peter James, Creative Director at MyAdbox. “The last thing we wanted to do was build an automated platform that limited creative thinking and dispensed with the principles of good design. Even at the most granular level of the system - found hidden deep in our software coding, you’ll find serious attention to the basics of layout and typography that sets MyAdbox apart from every other platform out there.” As a Creative working in the Advertising industry for over 25 years, James believes the fundamental principals of creativity remain the same using MyAdbox. “Effective creative needs to cut through, have a single-minded thought and engage - that part will never change. The MyAdbox platform doesn’t prevent any of this thinking - in fact it facilitates and broadens creativity.”


As James explains, the initial software roadmap involved significant collaboration between creatives, designers and coders. “It was an interesting time where they learned a lot about each other in driving the platform forward. What resulted from that unusual mix of talents is a system that is supremely flexible and seamlessly honours the creative intent from advertising agencies.”


Understandably, Brand Automation is seen as a threat by Advertising Agencies, but the spirit of the MyAdbox offering is to engage with good creatives, encouraging them to take the time to understand the platform and use it as a powerful tool. And then there’s the boost to creativity that stems from the inherent production savings gained by the platform. “The speed to market and cost effectiveness of the system - not to mention its robust accuracy - represents an offering that is head and shoulders above where the traditional ad agency production studio sits,” says Andrew Baker, MyAdbox CEO. “What we’re seeing is that our Brand Automation system, which ensures brand compliance and drives down production costs for clients, allows them to reinvest in morecreativity, opening all sorts of doors for ad agencies to extend campaigns and come up with extra concepts. ”


The MyAdbox platform is designed to protect the brand - but a lot of thought has gone into creating a system that provides end users with ‘freedom within the framework.’ With more content possibilities available, users feel empowered to use the platform to develop content that is specific to their need. “Logically then,” James says, “it follows that the client’s ad agency has the opportunity to create a myriad of content options and diverse campaign structures that can populate the system. It’s a win for the client and a win for the agency.”  

Putting more good content into MyAdbox yields tangible results for client networks. One of the six core products that comprises the MyAdbox product offering is MyReports - the platform’s clever diagnostic tool that provides Head Offices with clear visibility on all content creation activity within the system. “With MyReports, we’re able to break down our understanding of content creation intelligently,” says MyAdbox head of Client Service Andrew Dawson. “And what we’re seeing is that more assets and broader choice of content engages users in the marketing network. The numbers don’t lie - it’s clear that more content choice gives users the confidence and the inspiration to embrace new marketing initiatives.”


Ultimately, creativity will always be the magic ingredient that distinguishes one piece of communication from another. Automation is here to stay and with the right choice of platform, there’s absolutely no reason why creativity can’t thrive in the future.


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