Author: Peter James

Published: February 17, 2020

The challenges of digital asset management are here to stay. What’s more, they’re becoming increasingly complex as a consequence of the exponential growth of assets being created by businesses around the world. Without a robust, easy-to-use solution, you might as well be herding cats. According to findings from GISTICS Research, a good Digital Asset Management solution can carve the amount of time people spend on file management by more than 85%. When you consider that organisations spend an average of $8,200 per person every year on file management activities, it’s a compelling ROI story.

“To say that there’s a variation in the way companies manage their digital assets is serious understatement,” says Andrew Baker, CEO of MyAdbox.  MyAdbox is an Australian SaaS company that has developed its own unique Brand Automation platform and ancillary software/client services that are being used by big brands on four continents around the globe to drive down marketing production costs in their networks and generate tangible brand benefits. “As a Brand Automation platform, we’re uniquely positioned to recognise the importance of Asset Management and the different ways organisations are storing and handling their files. We developed MyAssets as one of our six core products to sit at the heart of our Brand Automation system and it’s done an incredible job of removing Digital Asset angst for our clients and saving them tremendous amounts of time.”

MyAssets works hand-in-hand with MyAdbox’s content building software MyAdbuilder. “MyAdbuilder might be the star of the show,” says MyAdbox CTO, Paul Volpato, “But it’s nothing without MyAssets - we invested huge amounts of development time in making sure we had a world class Digital Asset Management solution that drives our content creation offering.”  Volpato believes the careful design of MyAssets has been critical in its success. “If a DAM system isn’t intuitive - whether that be due to a poorly designed interface or lack of thought around metadata development - or both - it’s pretty much doomed. Users vote with their feet - that’s why we concentrated on designing a smooth UI for MyAssets and crafting a lot of smarts behind the scenes to track and classify assets cleverly so they’re easy to find and control.”

Nothing is more frustrating than an over-cluttered, over-segmented interface that is clunky and convoluted - and because MyAssets sits at the heart of the MyAdbox platform, distributing a multitude of assets for the creation of advertising content, it simply had to be a streamlined system in its own right. “It’s important that MyAssets isn’t overcomplicated - but that doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful,” Volpato says. “Our product offers the ability to manage the whole lifecycle of a digital asset, organising elements in ways that allow for creation, management, distribution and ultimately either preservation or archiving.”

MyAssets has brought a level of control to clients that has driven huge time savings to the bottom line. ‘We’re getting feedback that client campaigns are quicker to kick off - from weeks into days, sometimes hours,” Volpato says. “And then there’s the benefits of consistency and clarity around asset use - MyAssets provides Head Offices with the ability to instantly push updated brand assets to their entire network which guarantees that network points have the most recent brand assets.”

Baker sees the MyAssets product playing a vital role in the relationship between Head Offices and their networks. “Apart from the fact that Head Office is able to cleanse the asset register to ensure everything is up to date and approved for use, it conveys to their network that they are serious about investing in the brand. The quality of the interface and the superior functionality empowers the network. They become engaged and it’s a win all round.”

The intelligent simplicity of the MyAssets UI is critical in getting users to engage with the platform. “We have so many different kinds of users in so many different industries - from those that log in a few times a month to power users that access the full features of the software on an hourly basis,” Volpato says. “So it’s vital that MyAssets caters for all in terms of being easy to use.”

Baker sees tremendous potential for MyAssets as a cut through product that can stand on its own. “While it’s true that it has been developed for our Brand Automation system, it’s built-in smarts and beautiful UI mean that it can be utilised as a stand-alone, cost effective DAM system for virtually anyone from individual professionals right up to global companies.”

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