By Andrew Baker

MyAdbox CEO

The recent MyAdbox Investor proposal was not long in market before being snapped up by a group of strategic international investors. We’re extremely excited to have these investors on board and being part of our next growth phase, which will build on the strong appetite we’re seeing for Martech and SaaS solutions from companies looking to extract more from their marketing in a super competitive world.

One of the new investors is Philip Earl – former Senior International Executive at digital entertainment giant Activision Blizzard. “It’s a very exciting time for this visionary technology-led business,” Philip said. “New capital will enable the team to accelerate growth through their fast-expanding global client base.”

The multi-million dollar Series A cap raise has achieved a revenue multiple of 4x, reflecting the positive position of our home grown SaaS product. 

MyAdbox  has seen significant growth in clients during one of the toughest economies on record. Over the last 12 months we’ve also been in serious development mode, evolving our software. The newly developed capability provides Brand/Retail Marketers and Ad Agencies with a unique Brand Management offering. At the same time, we’ve reimagined our brand position in readiness for the next growth phase. We’re excited to have attracted such a high calibre of investors and about the opportunities that come with new investment and looking forward to continuing to redefine the marketing and advertising industry.

This Series A capital raise will be used to:

- Grow the software development team by 50%, accelerating product development - already significantly advanced;

- Boost local, regional and global marketing and customer acquisition efforts showcasing the newly enhanced software platform.

MyAdbox is an overnight success ten years in the making – but it isn’t over yet. With clients already on five continents across a wide range of industries and notable recent signings in Thailand and Singapore, we’re targeting a Series B round in 2022 to re-focus on our global expansion efforts in a post COVID environment.

I’d like to personally thank our long list of loyal clients and our committed MyAdbox teams who bring our product to life. The belief in our software is humbling and provides us with the drive to achieve greater success on a global stage.

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Image credit: SpaceX