Coordinate Your Efforts
Optimize The Spend
Control the Outcome
Skinned with your branding
Your look and Feel
Privacy and security
Stored Securely in the cloud
user Analytics
Everyone on the Same page

Coordinate your efforts.

MyPlanner enables your Head Office teams to plan an entire year’s worth of product/campaign launches and once final, make these visible to network users. This allows the network to plan their individual marketing activities based around the overarching Head Office plan.


Optimize the spend.

MyPlanner makes it easy for network users to structure a planned budget around all product and campaign launches, giving them clarity around the marketing spend for the entire year. Users can allocate budgets to different activities and submit these to your Head Office team. As your network users enter spend estimates in their plans, the system automatically calculates the balance of marketing spend remaining in their budget.


Control the outcome.

You can set MyPlanner up so that network users can submit their completed marketing plan for approval to by your team.  You can also set workflows and permissions allowing the approver to edit the plan.

Skinned with your branding

Your look and feel.

We provide for a White Labelling of the product allowing you to upload your own logos and change header details within the application, bringing it in line with your brand’s look and feel.

Privacy and security

Stored securely in the cloud.

Your  data is as safe as can be with MyPlanner – it’s stored on Amazon S3 servers – the trusted solution for asset management given its dedication to security and scalable solutions that are both economical and flexible.


user analytics.

MyPlanner analytics provides detailed information about which users have engaged and the region they're in. Analysis of all user activity is also tracked - including logins, engagement and more.


everyone on the same page.

Having visibility around the Marketing plans of both the Head Office entity and all the users in the network provides clarity around marketing efforts and optimizes your investment. MyPlanner has the functionality to have the system as open as you wish to share information between marketing teams.