set The Fund Up To Suit
The Easy Way To Manage Budgets
Speedy Approvals Keeps The Network Happy
See The Funds Remaining
Skinned with your brand
Your brand for your network
Privacy and security
Stored securely in the cloud
Understand The Patterns

Set the fund up to suit.

MyFunds allows your Head office team to set up your co-op fund and the eligibility requirements for users to draw on this fund. At Head office level, your team has the option of creating any number of funds to represent multiple marketing initiatives, can set as many periods as they like, rollover options and establish pre-approval conditions.


The easy way to manage budgets.

MyFunds makes the process of claiming on co-op funds simple. Network Users can make pre-approval requests for funds, submit and revise rejected claims, upload supporting documentation and view how much of the fund they’ve used in a quick view dashboard.


Speedy approvals keeps the network happy.

Approvals within MyFunds are streamlined for efficient reimbursement of marketing costs. The system will notify approvers of a submitted claim. The system allows the approver to tick off the entire amount or approve a portion of the claim if requirements have not been fully met. The network user can then log back in and fix their claim to satisfy requirements.


See the funds remaining.

Once approved, the funds claimed are deducted from the balance and this is represented in an easy to view chart on the home page of MyFunds. Users can also see their list of Approved claims, Pending claims and days remaining within the claim period.

Skinned with your brand

Your brand for your network.

We provide for a White Labelling of the product allowing you to upload your own logos and change header details within the application, bringing it in line with your brand’s look and feel.

Privacy and security

Stored securely in the cloud.

Your data is as safe as can be with MyPlanner – it’s stored on Amazon S3 servers – the trusted solution for asset management given its dedication to security and scalable solutions that are both economical and flexible.


Understand the patterns.

It’s easy to develop a picture of how network users are accessing funds. MyFunds is able to generate a Fund Usage report and Claims Report – both of which can be downloaded as a CSV file for further analysis.