total Digital Harmony.

Digital Asset Management in action


MyAssets is the ultimate Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool – a software solution that organizes and distributes media files in a centralized way. MyAssets can be used as a stand-alone product as an independent DAM system or in tandem with our MyAdbuilder software to create customizable content within the MyAdbox platform.

Upload and Storage
Support for every file type
Drag and Drop bulk and individual asset upload
Secure Storage and Secure Backup
Organise and View
Multi-tiered folder and visual structure
Sorting and Searching
Management features
Bulk upload/Bulk tagging/Bulk file movement
Custom Meta Data fields and Custom Tag fields
Controlled user privileges and download workflows
Share single or multiple assets
Skinned with your Branding
White labelling
Enterprize level brand skinning
Choose your own URL
Create. Edit. Output.
Edit inDesign templates
video templates - edit and build
HTML templates - Edit and build
Full permissions and workflow control
Apply select assets to select templates
Automatic resizing of assets
Output file types
Color control RGB/CMYK templates and assets
Control trim, bleed, crop marks for print collateral
Privacy and Security
Stored securely in the Cloud
Country selective storage available
SSO through SAML
Public and Private Brandfolders
SSL Certificates provided
Reporting AND Analytics
Media/Ad type creation analytics
Assets/User analytics
Asset Rights Management
Rights Management controls
Embargo / Current / Expired asset automation
Asset Usage Approval workflows
Set Asset Usage Terms and Conditions
Onboarding your team
Best practice DAM consultancy
Dedicated Account Manager
Cross Industry experience and best practice
Brand Guidelines
Open APIs - streamlining data flow
Upload and Storage

Juggle all your files with dexterity and visibility.

MyAdbox MyAssets DAM
Organise and View

Bringing order to your Assets.

team bringing order to assets
Management features

Neat. Tidy. Streamlined – the way Assets should be.

assets neat and tidy books
skinned with your branding

The power of MyAssets - your look and feel.

white label branding pantone cup
Create. Edit. Output

the world's most powerful dynamic content creation system:
myassets plus myadbuilder.

Dynamic content creation MyAdbuilder
Privacy and Security

Safeguarding your brand.

Brand safety platform
Reporting & Analytics

Understanding user behavior. Asset by asset.

user behaviour reporting
Asset Rights Management

When controlling is about protecting.

asset rights management control
Onboarding your team

A smooth and seamless transition.

smooth and seamless onboarding