We’ve set up MyAdbox so that it can plug straight into your CRM and DAM ecosystem, optimizing the investment you’ve already made in your technology. With smart APIs, data can be harnessed and harvested to facilitate smooth asset management for all your network users. Content created on our platform will be pushed directly into all market channels including email and social media.

work seamlessly API CRM DAM

a dev team of many talents.

While we have significant technical involvement with our onboarding process, we also have the capacity to solve more complex integration requirements. Our talented Software Development team has significant experience in a range of IT environments and has overcome the most complex integration pieces with ease.

Talented Development team

alignment. Our It people will talk to your IT people.

We are well versed in working with existing software ecosystems. Our IT people get involved early with your IT team to align the systems from the outset.

teams aligned

connecting the dots.

We bring your APIs into our system and share ours with your system. Our aim is to optimise the IT investments you’ve made in existing software and we strive to mesh and amplify with your system to ensure we are interconnected.

connecting the dots API

seamless integration.

Got your own Digital Asset Management platform?

No problem at all. We integrate seamlessly with multiple DAMs of varying complexity and design.

seamless DAM integration

single sign-on.

SSO integration ensures optimal connectivity bringing your team closer to the MyAdbox platform. It smooths the workflow model and gets you and your team creating content faster.

Hello Single Sign On SSO

crm integration.

Your CRM is vital for managing your interaction with customers (both current and future). It's about strengthening your business relationships, staying connected to your customers, streamlining the processes and improving your bottom line. We cater for a range of CRM platforms (e.g. SalesForce) for fast, reliable and powerful integration between databases.

CRM Integration

end-to-end reporting.

We integrate with a range reporting and analytical platforms (eg Tableau) to help you get the most out of your data.

Lucky for you, we develop all our solutions around reporting and being able to track performance throughout the entire funnel. The checks and balances we put in place ensure that you’ll finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, rather than a speeding train that’s heading right towards you.

end to end reporting capability